Dedicated and unique expertise and experience in the field of State aid. We offer high quality legal services to a wide range of companies in various sectors and across different jurisdictions, as well as to public authorities and institutions, ensuring compliance, transparency and success in public funding endeavours.

Significant experience acquired at the EFTA surveillance authority and the European Commission

Strong knowledge of European Commission’s internal, as well as inter-institutional processes

Strong State aid network inside the European Commission

Strong experience in communicating/negotiating with national authorities and companies

 Important synergies with national legal markets

Unique client assistance/advice to national authorities and companies on how to structure and design State aid measures for (pre-) notification

Unparalleled expertise on how to draft company project portfolios for (pre-) notification and assessment under – among others – IPCEI and CEEAG rules

Advice on the interpretation of block exemption regulations and de minimis and on the design of national measures not involving State aid

Unique client assistance/advice to companies on handling State aid complaints

Long-standing experience in delivering high-quality specialised State aid training for public authorities

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